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Referrals+ = points+
Hellow !

My suggestion like below ,

when an existing member's PiratesHosting referrals upgrades, that member's amount of paid of points for a source will upgrade.

for a example,

      The default amount of points paid for the source called "new post" is 0.01p. If this member got a new PiratesHosting referral, his/her amount of points paid for the source called " new post "  will > 0.01.

[spoiler=Q :- What is my referrals and how to earn referrels of PiratesHosting ?

A :- When some one registered to the PiratesHosting by adding your name to the referrer filed of PiratesHosting registration forum, your referrals will upgrade / increase.


You can find your current referrals by visiting your user CPunder Members Referred.

Did you mean people can earn points with referrals? it already there you can find chart where everything already. https://forum.pirateshosting.com/newpoints.php

if you meant something else let me know in more details.
@"Arsal Ahmed"

I mean not to earn points with referrals. It means, when posting / replying .. etc, amount of points given to member will increase, with referrals.
xd dude , this is great this for add 1 post Oà
I'm still thinking what points do because i got alot points in other forum and i dont know what it gives
Hello,Actually members can earn points with referrals and its already here on https://forum.pirateshosting.com/newpoints.php.

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