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[ROLEPLAY]International Gaming Community(IGC)[English]
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International Gaming community was found in 2015 on its first day they got 50 players active and still we gets 40 to 30 p;layers daily active + new updates and many more stuffs its roleplay server.

u can make groups and kiss money and turf system and criminal activities and cop activities u can do jobs alot jobs and many more stuffs join server for server ip PM me.

Server have discord server too and forum is forum.igcrpg.com join here for more info u can find well devloped forum and server it have many things and very interesting server

my discord os Khush#2841 PM me if u want more info thak you.
Great server ! Keep it up and bring best new + original updates for clients.
Good a server from 2015 that's great ether its MTA or samp mention it xd
[Image: giphy.gif]

i think is good server , xd this is great
i think is good server , xd
I wish you continued success
I will pay a visit when i have some free time , is the server still alive?

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