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[Accepted]  I need MTASA Server
Hi Blush

I want to host server MTASA Big Grin


First name: Mazen Alsheikh.
Age: 20
Country: Sudan.
Email Address: mazenkaya445566@gmail.com.

About Server:

Which GameServer you want? (MTA:SA / SAMP / CS 1.6): MTA:SA.
Location (Depend on plan): USA or any location.
Slots( 30-200) : 30.
Why would we give you free server?: Because we do not have a purchase card from the Internet.

Hi your request is under pending, please wait you will accept/denied soon.

Thanks for your patience.
OK, Thank you! Heart
Congratulations your request has been 'Accepted'

Because of our mail system have maintenance, and your PM is blocked, We can't share details here.

Enable your PM and contact me, i will send details

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