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General supporting
Hello! Today i wanna make a thread to help people out
if you have got a problem you can follow these steps to make an application so we can help you!
Do not spam.
Do not post troll comments.
Application format

What platform are you using?(PC/PS/Xbox):
What problem are you having?(Screenshot would be helpful):
Since when u are getting this problem?(Tell us what you did to get this problem if possible):
--Related PC Things--
If you are in pc have you got an anti-virus?(Name it):
What's your windows:
Have you updated it?(yes/no):

Quote:--Xbox things--
Whats your xbox?(3-one-onex):
What's your xbox version?(Cracked,Original):

Quote:--PlayStation Things--
Whats your Playstation?(3-4 Supported):
Whats the version of your PS(Cracked,Original):
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'Darkness' - Nocturne
'Death is the only way to solve your permanent problems' - MiMoMcA 2k17

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