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Dual Monitor Computer
Hi What's up guys ??!

Today, I came with a problem relating "Dual Monitor" experience. I've heard about this dual monitor case and here, we can connect two monitors to one computer ! Then we are able to perform multi-tasks using these two monitors. Instead of two monitors, I thing 3 [ or more :# ] monitors can be connect to one computer [ I've seen in photos, that hackers use 3 monitored computers Big Grin ]. Did anyone know about this dual monitor ? or experience dual monitor setup ? or seen the functioning before ? Is this dual monitor require a best Processor / CPU / Computer ? please share your XP with me [ or us ] here with a reply.

Thank You!
Yea you are right I also seen many players who use multi monitors as I guess we need to buy the dual monitors or whole setup idk much xd
[Image: giphy.gif]

As I guess, If we have 3 monitors in one computer, then we can see control panel of the MTA:SA server with one monitor. Play the game with middle monitor. Connect to the discord / teamspeak / facebook with remain monitor. Big Grin Ahh that's wonderful !
I don't have experience about it but i have knowledge. As far as i know there is 2 types of options.

1. Your second monitor will appear exact same as your primary monitor show.
2. You can divide your screen into 2 piece. half on primary and half on secondary.

My brother can connect 3 monitors at the same time. because he do have VGA, HDMI and Graphic card.

Do Extra Monitors Affect Gaming FPS? Well i have searched about it now a lot of forums says that maximum 2-5 fps you lost for your 2nd monitor. theres is many articles to read you can check.

You talking about 3 monitors? then watch a example image given below.

Yeah, it's true what you heard.

++You can do multi-tasks++

--Uses more of your computer, meaning it's getting slow if you don't have a "medium" computer.--
Dual monitors i have in my music studio and you can see on them diffrent like a two diffrent monitors.

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