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[Accepted]Staff Application - Chimmon
Greetings to everyone reading this,

Disclaimer - I might have copied some stuff from my previous application as they are still true but this whole application is not entirely copied from the previous one. Happy Reading.

So firstly, let me introduce myself.
Hello, my name is Chimmon Pakma, I am from India, Meghalaya and I have seen and been there in Pirates Hosting right from the very beginning.
I was part of the team at the very beginning but I wasn't giving hard duties. I was only asked to make and edit logos for Pirates Hosting. Well, I am not quite sure of the reason why I was not part of the team anymore (Being Honest). I've been getting many news and updates about pirates hosting and what goes on here. <- Copied from previous Application as I am still the same person. Haven't changed my name xD.

Now to let you know what I can do if I am accepted as a Staff.
As I have grown in the past few years, My experience in hosting has increased and I know each and every hook and corner of how this works. I can do anything you wish me to do and by anything I mean I can do all the requirements which require building this company. I know the root cause of everything. I know how it works, what makes it work, how to make it work, fix bug issues, handle customer reports and much more. <- This was copied from the previous application, I'm being honest.

So here's what I can do now, after 1 year of the previous application. So, I have a Class II Delhi University English exam which makes me qualified to teach from grade nursery to grade 6 in English, I know it's not much but it's still something. I have also studied more on SQL and Web Packets which are basically the essentials of the modern internet. So I can perform an SQL Injection but I need legal documents. I have also worked on hosting forums and servers (not only game servers but physical servers like dedicated servers and Customer IP Router). I have progressed a lot in a year and have made myself a better person with better understanding.

(Old Application)To be more specific, I can Assign game servers to the clients who's server application have been accepted. For that, It can be automated by cron or can be done manually by first adding a user in the game panel, then creating a game server for the user, after that assigning the game server to the client user with the specific rights and informing the client that his game server is ready.

Handling reports is a piece of cake, recovering and creating backups as well. Dealing with downtime is not an issue as I always have a backup plan or a backup system where all the data is stored.

Last but not the least, I agree is the terms and conditions of the staff members of Pirates Hosting.
I agree to not abuse my powers.
I agree to be fair to all.
I agree to respect everyone especially my seniors.
I agree to serve the hosting company with all my heard and delight.

Thank you for reading and have a good day.  Heart

Chimmon Pakma.
i know your works and you are welcome to ph team again this time im gonna give you more works to do since arsal is not ready to get back !
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